Saturday, 8 October 2011

TV Antenna Reception

Our TV has a problem with the signal reception. We only use over-the-air antenna installed on our roof. We just bought a new antenna last month because the 8-year old one doesn’t work well anymore. My father carefully installed the new one on our roof replacing the old one. The problem with the new one is, it’s still giving us poor picture quality and snowy screen on other channels. My father got on the roof again to adjust the antenna to its desired direction but still, no good signal. Because my father has a heavy weight, our roof got damaged and it leaked two weeks ago when the typhoon hit our area. My mom got problematic with our roof (it’s in the living room part). It’s not easy to trace the roof damage because of our ceiling, so we decided to call someone who can fix our roof. My mom’s friend recommends someone from roofing allen tx. She said that they had some problems with their roof too she and called roofing allen tx. Now, she doesn’t have any problem anymore.  

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