Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Short History of Faberge Egg

Faberge eggs are jewelled eggs (they are thousands) made by House of Faberge between 1885 and 1917. The eggs are not actual eggs came from fowls but they are made from precious metals or hard stones decorated with enamel and gem stones. The most famous Faberge eggs produced by the House were for Alexander III and Nicholas II of Russia. Certainly, the Faberge egg has become a symbol of wealth and luxury. The eggs are known as masterpieces of jeweller’s art.

Today, beautiful pendants for women can be designed by Faberge egg . I and my girlfriend found faberge for sale when we were walking in a mall. She liked the designs of Faberge jewelleries that we saw and now I know what to give her on Christmas day. I’ll give her a silver necklace with Faberge pendant. I think it’s more practical to buy jewelleries than gadgets because its value gets higher.      

On Valentine’s Day

Valentine ’s Day is a holiday that is much-awaited by the lovers out there. Valentine ’s Day is exciting when it comes to how lovers celebrate it. Here in our country, boys really spend money just to make their girls happy. Many of them think of unique ways of celebrating like dating on the top of the building, in a yatch or even underwater. I and my girlfriend just celebrate it by cooking and eating at home with of course, romantic music and great food presentation. When it comes to gift, Filipino men are the most romantic in the world. They buy the most precious and expensive gift like flowers, gadgets, faberge jewellery, chocolates and stuffed toys. Whoa I’m waiting for my girlfriend (she’s in Dubai) to come home so that we can celebrate Valentine’s day together.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

A Present for my Birthday

We usually receive presents on our birthdays and we are always excited once we receive them. For me, the most memorable and very first present that I can still remember was the cake that my parents bought for me on my 4th birthday. It was my very first birthday cake and I was very happy when I received that. My cousins and playmates attended my small birthday party with spaghetti, cake and orange juice as the main foods. More important than material things is the presence of my parents, relatives and friends who attended my party. I was just a small child then but I can still remember clearly how they made effort to make me happy on my special day.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Importance of Advertisement

Advertising plays an importance role in thus it is an essential part of the business. Advertising is not all about selling products and services but still, it helps businessmen in increasing sells. It makes people aware about products or services. If you start a business, advertising is one of the first steps; thus it is the start up to show the people products and services. 

I’m glad because I have found a site that offers free online ads; this is perfect for business people who are just starting their own business but have no budget for advertisement. In the near future, I will start my own business and I will take advantage to post my advertisement in classified listings for free. I actually have a friend who is currently running a small business and he uses a social networking site in selling his products.
With social networking sites, you have to invite people and they are your potential customers (which is very limited). With free online ads site, unlimited people (who surf the web) can see your products and services.  

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Treating Dentists as friends

The appearance and alignment of our teeth greatly affects our entire face (and personality of course). Having a set of beautiful teeth really boosts our confidence and morale. However, there are people who don’t care about their teeth and worst of all; many of them are scared to go to the dentist. Why are some people afraid of the dentist? Let’s trace the roots.

Being scared of the dentist is often the result of past uncaring, cold and downright mean or abusive behaviour of the dentist. Some may fear things like unpleasant remarks about the state of your oral hygiene. “Pain” in the feelings and not in the tooth is one of the reasons why people are afraid of the dentist. 

Remove your fear because Cosmetic Dentists Olympia are here. Dentists Olympia are very nice and accommodating and I’m pretty sure that you will have a great dental experience with them. They treat patients as if they are own relatives and they remove their worries about the treatment and procedures by entertaining them (the patients). Surely, your dental phobia will vanish, that’s what I guarantee you.  

TV Antenna Reception

Our TV has a problem with the signal reception. We only use over-the-air antenna installed on our roof. We just bought a new antenna last month because the 8-year old one doesn’t work well anymore. My father carefully installed the new one on our roof replacing the old one. The problem with the new one is, it’s still giving us poor picture quality and snowy screen on other channels. My father got on the roof again to adjust the antenna to its desired direction but still, no good signal. Because my father has a heavy weight, our roof got damaged and it leaked two weeks ago when the typhoon hit our area. My mom got problematic with our roof (it’s in the living room part). It’s not easy to trace the roof damage because of our ceiling, so we decided to call someone who can fix our roof. My mom’s friend recommends someone from roofing allen tx. She said that they had some problems with their roof too she and called roofing allen tx. Now, she doesn’t have any problem anymore.  

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Perfect Give Aways

My female cousin will get married in January next year. To prepare to their wedding, she and her boyfriend settle the papers in the municipal hall and talk to the sponsors. Also, they prepare for the foods and drinks. They make sure that that day will be very special to them because it happens only once in a lifetime. In the Philippines, wedding is a very important occasion so the bride and groom should be well-prepared. Since the Philippines has diverse culture, Filipinos have different ways on how to celebrate it and the ceremonies vary. However, wedding giveaways are always present in many weddings here, regardless of the culture. Different figurines such as groom, bride, ribbon, heart etc., are given away as souvenirs. Good thing my cousin thought of a unique giveaway for their wedding day; egg faberge. I guess the visitors will be very much happy when they receive egg faberge as souvenir. Aside from the fact that it is not a common giveaway, the visitors might always remember them because of Faberge eggs giveaways hahaha!       

Monday, 19 September 2011

A World Treasure

There are many world treasures that located in the famous museums in different countries around the world. Some popular world treasures are dinosaur bones, Egyptian mummies and Faberge eggs.
As we know, dinosaurs habited the earth millions of years ago and as I know, there are 3 theories that support the facts of their extinction. Up to this time, there are discoveries of dinosaur bones proving that they used to live here on earth. 

Egyptian mummies became more famous and well-known when it was featured in the movie “The Mummy” starred Brendan Frazer. Mummification is an act of preserving the corpse and it was practiced thousands of years ago and up to this time, preserved mummies are still in some popular museums in Europe, America and Asia.   

Finally, Faberge eggs are also known as world treasure because it took part between 1885 and 1917, and only famous and powerful people have the right to own them like Queen Elizabeth I of England. In  Russia, Easter is the most joyful celebration of the Orthodox faith. After the devout church services, families gather to exchange gifts of decorated eggs, symbols of renewed life and hope. The Easter of 1885 also marks the twentieth anniversary of Czar Alexander III and Czarina Maria Fedorovna, and the Czar needs an exceptional gift for his wife. So he places an order with a young jeweler, Peter Carl Fabergé, whose beautiful creations have recently caught Maria's eye. That was the start of Faberge egg.

Now I’m glad because I have found faberge egg for sale. Whoa! I want to buy my girlfriend Faberge eggs as gift to her for her birthday.


Walking to Divisoria Street

 Divisoria is the “bargain” capital of the Philippines; it is located in the city of Manila. Divisoria has been the shopping capital of the Philippines since the Japanese occupation. Until now, it serves as the shopping district to people in all walks of life. Even the former first lady Imelda Marcos went there to buy fancy jewelleries; bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces with faberge pendants

Well, I and my girlfriend love to walk to Divisoria to shop for clothes, shoes and fruits. Filipino-Chinese business people are the usual stall owners in there. Most of the products are made in China that you can buy for very affordable price. Some things that we see in Divisoria (like picture frames, wall clocks, kitchen utensils etc.) are also the ones that we see in the mall being sold for higher prices. That is the reason why many people choose to shop in Divisoria rather than in the malls. Guys, if you have free time, you can also visit Divisoria.  

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Functions of Bathrooms

A bathroom is a room that can have different functions depending on the culture of the place. Bathroom means “room with a bath”. These are the things that we can see in the bathrooms; bathtubs, showers, steam showers, sink or lavatory and a bidet. People in the United States connotes bathroom as “a room containing a lavatory”. In other countries, bathroom is called toilet, or water closet. In the Philippines we call it “banyo” “toilet” or “CR” (short for comfort room). 

No matter how beautiful or classy your bathroom is, if it has poor plumbing then it is not worth it. Functional bathrooms should be accompanied with a good plumbing system. As you can see in the picture above, our bathroom is equipped with simple bowl, shower and lavatory but it has excellent plumbing system; Plumbing Tacoma can provide that for you. If you have problems with your bathroom and kitchen plumbing system, if you have clogged sink or rusting pipes, Plumbers Tacoma can take care of those. No need to worry because in just a phone call, they are there to rescue.  


Friday, 12 August 2011

While Travelling

It’s nice to travel especially in the morning when the sun is about to shine. I sometimes come back to my hometown every Saturday morning. I usually ride on a van or bus and sit beside the window where I can see the beautiful view of the nature; the air is refreshing and the fog is cold. A good thing about riding on the bus is, it is more comfortable. Of course, the windows are bigger and the area is more spacious. Van is also good but it has less space rather than bus. One time I noticed the van owner where I’m riding uses Mitsubishi Evo; it looks great. Well, when I got home, I recommended it to my uncle.   

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lovers in the Mountains

I call my sister Uching and her boyfriend “lovers in the mountains” because they always go to the mountains when they have free time. My cousin said that they are both nature lovers. Truly, it’s nice to appreciate nature especially when you are in the mountains. I think mountain climbing is a very nice hobby or should I say, past time. I always see in Uching’s Facebook albums their newly-uploaded pictures fresh from the mountains almost twice a month. Wow, I also want to join them when I’m not busy with my work and studies. However, engaging into mountain climbing has also disadvantages aside from the dangers in the way. Having dried and cracked hair and dark and rough skin are just some. Because of that, Uching prefers to buy different products of dermalogica day bright. Uching is a vain person that’s why she feels frustrated when she sees a single pimple on her face, or cracked hair, or darkened skin. She really enjoys using dermalogica day bright everyday.      

Friday, 29 July 2011

Choosing a New Home

What are your qualifications in choosing a new home? When you ask me about my own qualifications, of course I consider the location. Firstly, your house should be accessible to the public market or mall. Food and clothes are basic necessities and we should live near them. Secondly, education is one of the most important tools to live a good life so our house should be near the schools and universities. Thirdly, we work in order to sustain all our daily and future needs so out house should be near your workplace, or at least accessible in terms of transportation. Lastly, we need to have entertainment and leisure in life so our place or community should be near to parks, resorts, sports and recreation areas and so on. 

To summarize them, we have to choose a better place and best house and Katy Houses for Sale is perfect for you. Our home is part of our life so why not invest for your future by buying a new home?

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My Series of Sneezing

I sneeze while I write this post (sobs) because my allergic rhinitis strikes again. I think this is because of my pillow made from a velvety-like cloth. I actually don’t like that kind of cloth since my sinus is sensitive to fiber. I went to the doctor two years ago and he found out that I have allergic rhinitis. He advised me to stay away from allergens such as smoke, dust, pollen (from flowers) and fiber. When allergy strikes, it feels like you have clogged nose, irritated eyes and swollen sinus that takes a long time to heal.  The most difficult part here my series of sneezing. I sneeze almost fifteen times every hour which is inconvenient especially if you are in the office. When I go home, I will dump my pillow to the trash can because I will find a new one like hypoallergenic pillows that can prevent my allergic rhinitis from attacking.

This hypoallergenic pillow has many great features like antimicrobial and fiber-proof ticking to keep out dust mites. Furthermore, this pillow is absolutely washable and dryable so you can get rid of allergy. Whoa! I can’t wait to buy one. 

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Top 10 Filipino Foods For Rainy Days

It’s rainy season and it’s nice to eat when it rains. When I was young, we just stay at home especially when the rain is hard. We Filipinos have different kinds of food that we prefer to eat during rainy days. Here is my top 10 picks of Filipino foods for rainy days. 

1.      Tuyo at sinangag
2.      Champorado at tuyo
3.      Suman, mangga with hot chocolate
4.      Arroz caldo
5.      Dinuguan at puto
6.      Pancit Molo
7.      Ginataang mais
8.      Ginataang halo halo
9.      Biskwit at kape
10.     Instant noodles

Typhoon Juaning is Coming

PAGASA warns Luzon about the coming of typhoon Juaning. While I write this post, the typhoon just landfall to Aurora province. Schools in all levels are now suspended and more offices are halfday. Metro Manila is under signal number 2 but I am still in the office. I hope everybody will be safe and fine. I am now looking at the view of Manila Bay and the cities of Pasay and Manila from the 42nd floor of our building in Makati, while blogging and sipping a cup of steaming coffee.  

Monday, 25 July 2011

Severe Neck Pain

Former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo  suffers from severe neck pain due to cervical radiculopathy, commonly known as pinched nerve. The doctors say that it happens to some persons when they reach the age of 60. A entry on cervical radiculopathy said that the condition can cause “pain, weakness, numbness, or difficulty controlling specific muscles.” This neck pain can also be a result of wrong sleeping position.When we sleep, the pressure lies on the neck, especially when we become older we may be prone pinched nerve.

In order to prevent cervical radiculopathy, proper sitting and sleeping position is necessary. Also, because we use pillow when we sleep, we should choose pillows for neck pain. Choosing the best pillows for neck pain is needed because when you experience cervical radiculopathy, the doctors say that it will be recurring.  The operations for this disease is much more expensive so better be sure and always think that prevention is better than cure.

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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blind Dating

Are you guys familiar with blind date? A blind date is a date between two people (commonly male and female) who have not previously met. It is usually set up by friends, relatives, classmates and colleagues of both parties. Some people find this the most hated of all dates. For me, I did not prefer it because it is impractical to spend money on blind dates and that you don’t even know the person. I think it is more important that you get to know the person first and the easiest to do that is through getting online. Nowadays, chatting and social networking are the most common means of communication. Many couples who found their partners online are happier now in their married life. I have a female cousin who met her American husband online. They got married in 2003 and they are now happy in their life in America. I guess online dating is better than blind dating. You have to make sure about the person who will possibly be your partner in the future.       

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My Music Monday Presents “In Your Eyes”

The song “In Your Eyes” by George Benson is one of my favorite songs of all time. I sing it in videoke with feelings haha! Talking about the song, it reached a peak position of number 7, and remained in the chart for ten weeks. This song was written by Michael Masser (music) and Dan Hill (lyrics). Jeffrey Osborne has his own version released in 1986. Here is the lyrics of the song guys, enjoy singing it! Happy Music Monday!!!!    

In Your Eyes

I think I finally know you
I can see beyond your smile
I think that I can show you
That what we have is still worthwhile
Don’t you know that love’s
just like the thread
That keeps unravelling but then
It ties us back together in the end

In your eyes
I can see my dream’s reflections
In your eyes
found the answers to my questions
In your eyes
I can see the reasons why our love’s alive
In your eyes
we’re drifting safely back to shore
and I think I’ve finally learned
to love you more

You told me that life changes
and that no one really knows
Whether time would make us strangers
Or whether time would make us grow
Even though the winds of time will change
In a world where nothing stays the same
Through it all our love will still remain

In your eyes I can see the
reasons why our love’s alive
In your eyes
we’re drifting safely back to shore
and I think I’ve finally learned
to love you more

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the ACTUAL LINK POST here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Grandma Got Hospitalized

I remember the last time my grandma got hospitalized; I was in third year high school then. It was a Saturday morning when my grandma had diarrhea and she took two medicines at the same time. She got overdosed after two hours so she collapsed in her bedroom. Fortunately my aunt was there so ahe saw my grandma and she hurriedly called my parents and our relatives to help her bring grandma to the hospital. I was a little bit nervous because grandma was already 67 that time. When she was confined in the hospital, my cousins and I visited her and brought her some fruits. After an about an hour, it was time for her x-ray (for the stomach) so we guided her to go to the x-ray room. The technician in the x-ray room was very nice and cheerful. He volunteered to guide grandma in going to the x-ray room. Grandma was very weak that time but the technician took care of her. Wow, being a technician is noble because you have to deal with difficult patients most of the time. There are schools like phlebotomy schools california and they give phlebotomy certification california. You will be a certified hospital technician when you study there. Wow it’s great to have it.      

My Post Graduate Studies

I am pursuing my post graduate studies in one of the open universities in the Philippines. As an online student, I have to study independently because we don’t go to a classroom or meet the professors face to face. I’m glad that I was able to cope up with stress regarding my studies like meeting the deadlines and joining online real-time discussions (Skype, YM, Gtalk). There are times when our professor gives us a bulk of project to be done for Christmas season (sobs). In my first month of dealing with too much projects, I did cramming. In order to avoid cramming I really searched for websites that would help me to lessen my burden. I searched for a website that contains Project Ideas and Project Samples. It absolutely helped me in doing my projects quickly and efficiently.         

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My Music Files

I keep a file for my favorite songs on my laptop. I usually download songs from trusted sites because I like the quality of the sound especially when I use my newly bought speaker. In addition, my parents always request me to play their favorite songs which I also downloaded. They really like old songs from their generation. One time, my father asked me to play his favorite Matt Monroe songs. When it comes to filing, I sort the folders according to the artist, so the artist Matt Monroe has its own folder containing 20 songs. However, when I was trying to play the songs, they discovered that they were corrupted! My father was so disappointed because he was craving to listen to Matt Monroe’s songs since it has been a long time since he listened to it. I tried to dll download to recover my music files. I took advantage for dll4free because there’s no money involved hahaha! So, there after few minutes, I was able to recover my files. Yeehaw!   

Ang Mga Natatandaan Ko Noon Kapag Tag ulan

Tag ulan na naman at ito ang gusto kong panahon dahil mas malamig at masarap matulog (sori tamad lang). Dahil nga dalawa lang ang seasons sa Pilipinas (tag ulan at tag araw), wala akong choice kundi mamili lang sa dalawa hahaha! Natatandaan ko noong nagtrabaho ako sa call center, tuwing tatanungin ko ang mga American customers tungkol sa gusto nilang season, karamihan sa kanila ay Autumn ang gusto. Nung lumipat naman ako sa isang Korean call center, karamihan ng mga estudyanteng Koreano ay Spring ang gusto. Kung ako naman ang tatanungin nila, mas gusto ko ang tag ulan (wag lang sobrang lakas). Natatandaan ko pa nung bata ako (flashback na naman) marami kaming nagagawa ng mga pinsan at kapatid ko kapag umuulan, kalimitan kaming nasa bahay ng lola namin dahil mas Masaya doon (KJ kasi ang tatay ko). Dahil nga hindi kami makalabas ng bahay kapag tag ulan, humahanap kami ng mganda at nakalilibang na mga Gawain. Nung bata ako, ito ang mga pangkaraniwang ginagawa naming kapag tag ulan:

1.       Naglalaro ng mga bahay kubo (nagkakabit ng mga kumot sa mga dingding at gagawing bubong)
2.       Naglalaro ng taguan at habulan
3.       Nanunuod ng telebisyon
4.       Nagkakantahan
5.       Nagkukwentuhan ng kababalaghan
6.       Sabay sabay natutulog (kapag sobrang lakas ng ulan)
7.       Naliligo sa ulan
8.       Gumagawa ng mga bangkang papel at pinaaanod sa maliit na baha (kapag umaraw na magagalit ang mga nanay dahil maraming kalat sa harap ng bahay)
9.       Kumakain ng mainit na lugaw o champorado at tuyo

Napakasayang isip isipin ang mga gawain noong kabataan natin. Nagyon, parang hindi ko na naeenjoy ang tag ulan dahil bahay-trabaho lang ako. At hindi ko naeenjoy ang tag ulan dito sa Makati dahil matataas na gusali ang mga nakikita ko. Mas masaya sa Naic dahil mga palayan, bukis at ilog ang mga makikita at masarap maglakad lakad doon pagkatapos ng ulan.  

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Monday, 4 July 2011

Frustrations Of Students

Frustration is related to anger and disappointment; it is a common emotional response to opposition. We feel frustrated when we do not get what we want like your ambitions in life. For instance you wanted to be a doctor when you were in high school but because of financial constraints, you were not able to get it. When I was a student, I experienced to be frustrated because o poverty. I had a feeling that I was always at the bottom of our class in all aspects especially financial. When it comes to ambition I dreamed to be a doctor but I was not able to get it that’s why I became frustrated. 

There are causes of frustrations for students like:

1.        grades
2.        deadlines
3.        expectations
4.        social pressure

There are certain ways to avoid or cure frustrations. One of them is to consult a life coach like life coach Santa Barbara. Do not let disappointment and frustration conquers you; you must conquer them.  

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Peaceful Living

My cousin lives in a beautiful subdivision in our province. I visited them last time. I like the model of their house; it looks like contemporary Meditteranean style. Their place is so homey and I thought of buying a property in that place in the future. I also notice the tranquility in that place not just because it is well-guarded but the atmosphere gave me a sense of fulfillment. I am now saving money to buy a property for my future family. It is better to buy now while we are young than tomorrow when we are old and sickly. I will find a subdivision or community like in realtor La Quinta CA where we can make our dreams come true.  

Immune System

I am not used to drinking medicine if I have illness; I just let my immune system work for it. Our immune system is our defense mechanism to fight certain bacteria that can cause diseases in our body. When I was young, I used to have a cough. I had weak immune system and I was so sickly that time. I did some remedies to boost my immune system like exercising and eating balanced diet.  Many people visit  a homoeopathist like in homeopathy Santa Fe.  Homeopathy is a science and medicine that uses remedies to boost the immune system to fight diseases even cancer. Well, I guess I should be starting to visit them too.

Use Bicycle for Lesser Air Pollution

There are some countries is Asia (like Hongkong and Taiwan) that promote bicycling as a mean of transportation for lesser air pollution. I think it is a reasonable step because of increasing air pollution in their country. Nowadays, the world suffers from climate change and commuting through bicycle is their answer to solve this kind of problem. I hope it will also be implemented in the Philippines too, because the quality of air here especially in Metro Manila is getting worse. Next year I will buy my own bicycle like those in bike shop Temecula. Bicycling is not only good to promote clean air but also for physical fitness.   

Cassava Noodles

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My cousin made cassava noodles as her school project. Cassava is a rootcrop cultivated in tropical and sub tropical countries like Thailand, China, Nigeria, Venezuela and the Philippines. It is rich in starch. My cousin made a starch out of dried cassava. Then, she mixed some eggs and spices and cooked wola! Delicious cassava noodles perfect for vegetarian people. When I tasted it, it was like normal noodles made from wheat, but I guess cassava noodles are more delicious. Well, I love eating healthy foods and since I already knew how to make cassava noodles, I will definitely cook for my family. There are restaurants that serve healthy foods like cassava noodles like in vegetarian restaurants San Diego. Let’s eat!    

Treating Adolescents

Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and mental development. It is occurring between puberty and young adulthood. This is when adolescents start to find themselves and the world where they belong by searching and trying many things like drinking, smoking, hanging out with friends, and the likes. There are many problems that arise during this time of adolescents’ life. Oftentimes, it is due to misunderstandings between parents and adolescents. Sadly, it goes through worse situation because of lack of communication and misunderstandings. It is important to listen to them when they have something to say. Always ask them about their daily activities; give some advices if needed, of course, in a nice way. It is also important to consult a psychologist if your adolescent has problems that he/she doesn’t want to say. Psychologists like in psychologist temecula are always there to listen and give help to make your family complete.

Treating Depression

Have you ever experienced depression? What did you do to overcome it? It is always hard to feel depressed because it involves your whole life. Your everyday living could be altered and messed up by depression. I experienced depression when I was in college and after graduation. I became depressed because of financial problems and lack of job opportunities. It came to the point that I was suicidal. Good thing, I was able to overcome it by praying to God.

Indeed, when you pray to God to ask help to your problems, you still have to do the necessary steps to solve your problems. In my case, I talked to my family about pleasant things that happen everyday. It is best to consult a psychologist because they are expert with regards to mental and emotional problems or disorder like in  Depression Jacksonville Beach. It’s nice to live without having any problem so live your life to the fullest.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hospital technicians

Technician is one of the pillars of hospitals. All hospitals depend on technicians to assist nurses, doctors, administrators and pharmacists. My cousin is a technician in one of the biggest hospitals in the United States. That type of job is highly in demand in the US since their old population is getting bigger so they need to hire more hospital workers. The rising percentage of the old population is not only occurring to the United States but also in highly developed countries like Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, France and New Zealand. Thus, these countries hire more hospital workers including hospital technicians. Many aspiring technicians acquite phlebotomy training to get phlebotomist certification. This is only a short course that can help them a lot when they acquire job.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Acidic Grains

Rice is a staple food of Filipinos and many Asians. We eat rice with our favorite dishes like vegetables and meat dishes. We also put savor to plain glutinous rice and make it rice cake. We have wide variety of rice cakes in Asia like in Japan, China, Philippines, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. All these countries eat rice on their meals. Rice gives energy to our body because it contains carbohydrates. Rice is classified as “grain”. But despite of rice’s universality, there are also disadvantages of eating rice so often. I have here my list of acidic grains:

Acidifying Grains
  • Rice Cakes
  • Wheat Cakes
  • Amaranth
  • Barley
  • Buckwheat
  • Corn
  • Oats (rolled)
  • Quinoi
  • Rice (all)
  • Rye
  • Spelt
  • Kamut
  • Wheat
  • Hemp Seed Flour
We can always eat in moderation guys. Well, in my case, I eat too much rice and I admit that I have to minimize it. There are foods that contain alkaline that we can take in contrast to acid. We need to have a balanced acid-alkaline in our body. There are also available alkaline water machines in the market to provide us alkaline water. We will just drink water from it for everyday alkaline intake.