Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Visit to St. Lukes Hospital part 2

Me and my girlfriend strolled in the Gateway Mall while waiting for my sister and her fiancee. We spent our time eating in the food court. We ate Bibingka with brewed coffee, hamburger, java rice with adobong atay, soup, and potato crisp. We also went to the national bookstore, and headed to farmer's market to buy some fruits for my aunt. Minutes later, we got tired of waiting so we walked to jeepney stop to go to St. Lukes. In the hospital, I saw William Martinez' family. My aunt said that William Martinez has a stroke and confined in the ICU where my older aunt was also confined. When I got home, My mother texted me that media hasn't released any information about him because the Martinez family doesn't want to give any statement.

A Visit to St. Lukes Hospital part 1

Last night we visited our aunt in St. Lukes Medical Center in Quezon City. She suffered a stroke and confined in ICU for three days. The doctors also discovered other minor diseases which her family was not aware of. After almost a month in a critical situation, she is in stable condition now. I was glad when I heard that she can now sit down on her wheel chair. At the age of 69, I can see that she would be able to recover from the illnesses that seemed to challenge their hopes.

Anyway, talking about the visit, Myself, my girlfriend, my sister, and my cousin already pre-planned to visit my aunt in the hospital few days earlier. My sister and cousin decided to go on undertime on their job to avoid the traffic jam of Metro Manila rush hour. I expected my cousin to arrive late because she will be coming from Laguna. However, my sister's boyfriend was not able make it because of the fear that their officemates might smell something fishy...yada yada...so to summarize, they arrived to MRT Magallanes station at 5:30PM waited for six full trains blasts. Meanwhile, me and my girlfriend stayed in Gateway Mall in Cubao for a three and half productive hours, so to speak.

To be continued....

Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Pacquiao-Margarito fight yesterday

Pacquiao-Margarito face to face during weigh-in

Last Sunday, I watched the delayed telecast of Pacquiao-Margarito fight on GMA 7. We have no cable at home, but my uncle is subscribed to Naic Cable. At 1:00 pm, I fell asleep in my bedroom, suddenly I heard my father saying that Pacquiao lost for he watched the boxing fight in my uncle's house next to our house. He was just kidding though, because Manny won against Margarito. Despite of the big height difference, Manny still managed his moves in able to target Margarito's face. After the 12th round, the referee announced the winner, it was actually Manny's 8th world title.  Oozing with blood, Margarito was hurried to the hospital to undergo a constructive facial surgery. Hence, Margarito adopted the name "maga rito"

Photo credit: http://sportsalchemist.com/ 

Fun moments with my wifey while waiting

Me and my wifey

My sister is an Admin officer in their company in Paranaque. She recommended our jobless cousin to one of the agencies that is connected to them, the office is in Diliman. Since my cousin is promdi hehe, I accompanied him to the Diliman office. After few seconds of our arrival to the office, my wifey arrived. The two of us sat down at the nearby store and took some pictures using my cellphone. We actually waited for almost six hours for my cousin was completing his papers and medical certificate. Me and my wifey also took a walk in the vicinity for we were just new in that place. Despite of the long hours of waiting, we had a fun time with just the two of us. Hehehe!

My Lola's Birthday Celebration

Last November 7 was my lola's 81st birthday. We actually gave her a surprise. At first, she didn't know that we were preparing foods for her birthday. We set the table, propped with foods on the top, of course the birthday cake with the candle says 81 was in the middle of the table. We called her to show the surprise. Well, same thing, she did not show any emotion of happiness and excitement. However, we knew that deep in his heart, she knew that we really appreciated her as our caring and loving lola. : >

Monday, 1 November 2010

Remembering Our Departed Loved Ones

Today is All Soul's Day. Until now, I cannot understand why Filipinos visit their departed loved ones on November 1 though it is All Saints Day. Anyone can enlighten me? Hehe.

Death is the end of life, inevitable, so to speak. Everyone will die whether we like it or not. All of us have our own expiration, and God only knows that exact time. The saddest and most painful thing that we can ever encounter as we live on Earth is the death of our loved ones. Although it is a fact that we are all passers here, as the plane of life stop over this Earth, we can still feel the bereavement of our loved ones' departure when the PILOT decided to fly that plane.

In our family we lost five beloved grandparents, My lolo Pepe, nanay Inang, tatay Inchong, lola Fe, and Lolo Deliong. Lolo Pepe passed away last 1993 due to lung disease. He was actually the father of my father. I was only 11 during the time when he was sent back and forth to the hospital due to difficulty in breathing. He finally heaved his last breath on January 7, 2003, two days after the feast of the Three Kings, the last day of Christmas season. We all remember him as a strict, smart, and stiff person, straightforward and sound to his decisions. My nanay Inang was the mother of my mother, she passed away in the New Year's eve, January 31, 2001. She had a brain stroke on December 27, and was in coma for several days, the doctor said that there was no chance that my grandmother will recover. So, my mother and her siblings decided to bring her back home, on her bed, with life support, where she also died. We, her apos remember her as the kindest, most loving, cheerful, nice, understanding and caring lola. My problems seemed to vanish when I felt her hand gently rubbing my back, while uttering “This apo of mine is so nice, I really love my apos”.

-to be continued-