Saturday, 24 September 2011

Perfect Give Aways

My female cousin will get married in January next year. To prepare to their wedding, she and her boyfriend settle the papers in the municipal hall and talk to the sponsors. Also, they prepare for the foods and drinks. They make sure that that day will be very special to them because it happens only once in a lifetime. In the Philippines, wedding is a very important occasion so the bride and groom should be well-prepared. Since the Philippines has diverse culture, Filipinos have different ways on how to celebrate it and the ceremonies vary. However, wedding giveaways are always present in many weddings here, regardless of the culture. Different figurines such as groom, bride, ribbon, heart etc., are given away as souvenirs. Good thing my cousin thought of a unique giveaway for their wedding day; egg faberge. I guess the visitors will be very much happy when they receive egg faberge as souvenir. Aside from the fact that it is not a common giveaway, the visitors might always remember them because of Faberge eggs giveaways hahaha!       

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