Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Functions of Bathrooms

A bathroom is a room that can have different functions depending on the culture of the place. Bathroom means “room with a bath”. These are the things that we can see in the bathrooms; bathtubs, showers, steam showers, sink or lavatory and a bidet. People in the United States connotes bathroom as “a room containing a lavatory”. In other countries, bathroom is called toilet, or water closet. In the Philippines we call it “banyo” “toilet” or “CR” (short for comfort room). 

No matter how beautiful or classy your bathroom is, if it has poor plumbing then it is not worth it. Functional bathrooms should be accompanied with a good plumbing system. As you can see in the picture above, our bathroom is equipped with simple bowl, shower and lavatory but it has excellent plumbing system; Plumbing Tacoma can provide that for you. If you have problems with your bathroom and kitchen plumbing system, if you have clogged sink or rusting pipes, Plumbers Tacoma can take care of those. No need to worry because in just a phone call, they are there to rescue.  

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bathroom

Friday, 12 August 2011

While Travelling

It’s nice to travel especially in the morning when the sun is about to shine. I sometimes come back to my hometown every Saturday morning. I usually ride on a van or bus and sit beside the window where I can see the beautiful view of the nature; the air is refreshing and the fog is cold. A good thing about riding on the bus is, it is more comfortable. Of course, the windows are bigger and the area is more spacious. Van is also good but it has less space rather than bus. One time I noticed the van owner where I’m riding uses Mitsubishi Evo; it looks great. Well, when I got home, I recommended it to my uncle.   

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lovers in the Mountains

I call my sister Uching and her boyfriend “lovers in the mountains” because they always go to the mountains when they have free time. My cousin said that they are both nature lovers. Truly, it’s nice to appreciate nature especially when you are in the mountains. I think mountain climbing is a very nice hobby or should I say, past time. I always see in Uching’s Facebook albums their newly-uploaded pictures fresh from the mountains almost twice a month. Wow, I also want to join them when I’m not busy with my work and studies. However, engaging into mountain climbing has also disadvantages aside from the dangers in the way. Having dried and cracked hair and dark and rough skin are just some. Because of that, Uching prefers to buy different products of dermalogica day bright. Uching is a vain person that’s why she feels frustrated when she sees a single pimple on her face, or cracked hair, or darkened skin. She really enjoys using dermalogica day bright everyday.